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From John Forkner, New Membership Coordinator, Hudson Essex Terraplane Club:

If you came across this website while looking for information about a Hudson, Essex or Terraplane automobile, you are in luck. This website provides a wealth of information on all subjects pertaining to the care, maintenance, rebuilding, etc. of your Hudson Essex or Terraplane automobile. I encourage you to join the HET Club Forum and post questions that you need help with. If you are able, please offer whatever assistance you can that may be helpful to others.

This is an international club that is dedicated to driving and preserving these great automobiles, with over 3,000 members worldwide. There are also small regional chapters across the United States that provide a sense of camaraderie in our passion of these fine automobiles. Becoming a member is easy, and with your full membership (all, other than 'online membership') you will receive the award winning bi-monthly publication, The White Triangle News.

If you are interested in joining the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club you can go to the link at the top of this webpage "Join or Renew", and sign up by using PayPal, or print out an application form and mail it in along with a check. If you wish to receive a free copy of The White Triangle News and see what a valuable resource it is, you can drop me an email with your name and mailing address and I will send you a copy.

We are glad that you have an interest in a Hudson, Essex or Terraplane; we consider them to be the finest automobiles ever built. We would love to have you as a member, please join us.


John Forkner
Hudson Essex Terraplane Club
New Membership Coordinator

My email address is: 'Forkner at aol dot com'
Please email me to receive a copy of our award winning newsletter, The White Triangle News. Put "HET Membership" in the subject line to keep it from going into my SPAM file, and remember to provide me with your mailing address. Please note that any emails received with an attached file will be deleted due to virus concerns.
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