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You have arrived at the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club Forum. This forum is integrated into the HET Club website. In order to join this forum, you will need to follow the Instructions below.

We now also host and maintain the Hudson Essex Terraplane 'Open Forum' . This is the Hudson portion of the former forum, which was offered to us when the host decided to discontinue it. There is a lot of history and information there, as well as quite a bit of Hudson related activity.


(Please read through the instructions before proceeding - It will save a lot of time and issues)

Essentially - In order to view, browse and use the HET Club Forum, you must be a registered with the HET Club website.

'Online Membership' (No cost) will only allow you limited access to the website, however you will have full access to the HET Club Forum.

Joining the HET Club (and registration on this website) will allow you full access to the HET Club website, to include this forum, as well as the many other benefits of membership in the club.

You MUST use your full name and provide all other information requested when registering. No 'handles' or any other type of fake or nicknames are allowed (however, there is a place for a 'handle' or nickname). You must provide all requested information, and that information must be correct, up-to-date and accurate - no false or out-of date information will be tolerated or allowed. Those not complying with the above requirements will be subject to banning / deletion of their account, without notice.

Here is the Link to register: Online Membership Link

Additional instructions -

If you are not a HET Club member and would like to join - we would love to have you!
1. Click on the Join/Renew link at the top.
2. Select your appropriate membership type
3. Fill out your contact information.
4. Click on "Confirm Contribution".
5. Depending on the type of membership you choose, this may take you to PayPal where you can use either a Paypal account or credit card. If you select the Online Membership ($0) it doesn't matter which payment method you select.
6. Once you have completed the steps, follow the instructions below for a HET Club member. Welcome!

Current HET Club Members: Here are the steps to get access to the site:
1. Find the Club Login menu on the left.
2. Click on Create Account.
3. You will be asked for your:
Name - please use your first and last name (this will be your "greeting name")
Username - this is the name you will enter to log in
Password - create a password and keep it secret
Email address (make sure you use the email that you have on file with the Club)
4. Click "Register."
5. You will receive an e-mail with a link in it. Click on the link. Login using your new username and password.
6. If you are not sure what e-mail you have, or don't have an e-mail and want to access the site, send an e-mail to "membership at hetclub dot org" and we will get you set up. If you use a different e-mail than is on file with the Club, you will not have access to member features without assistance by the Membership Chair.

If you are experiencing issues please send an e-mail to "membership at hetclub dot org".
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