Nebraska Ohio Fall Meet

08.24.2024 10:00 am


42nd Annual Nebraska State Antique Tractor and Horse Pulling Bee

The Rea Valley Heritage Show that is located just a short way West of Petersburg. The trip from town does include a gravel road, but it is a very short trip to the event from town. There should be a sign in town that with directions to show.  There is no admission charge and Hudsons can be parked together in one area.  The chapter will hold a business meeting in a special room with a starting time to be announced. Officers will need to voted on and dues collected.  There are food vendors on site but club will have some drinks and snacks available.
If interested in coming up Friday, there is a special event happening here.  A “Tractor Cade” is arriving from Creston, NE and they are having a cream can supper for everyone who is out there. I was told there will be eight cream cans of food available to feed people. A barn dance will follow the supper.
If you want to stick around until Sunday, there are events on that day also.
There was a very active Hudson dealer in Albion which is close to Petersburg, so do not be surprised if someone looking at your Hudson will have a story to tell you about the Hudson someone in their family had years ago.  

For addtional details contact Ron Falk, 402-395-2504 // This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Location information


555 South 10th Street
Nebraska 68508
United States
Come for the cars , stay for the people